Algo-Camp is a company based in Berlin which focusses on programming trading systems. Since 2007, the team has been able to gain experience in these sectors:

  • Programming of trading systems, backtest systems and indicators
  • Optimization of trading systems
  • Analysis of backtest results

Our team develops a fully automated trading system for you, which interacts with the market exacly as you desire! Due to many years of experience, we know the strenghts and weaknesses of trading systems like NinjaTrader or MetaTrader (Expert Advisor).

Our database stores information and detailed trading cours data of all shares, ETFs, futures and foreign exchange of the past years. Our intern evaluation and administration systems guarantee high maintenance and daily check-ups of the database and, by this, we can ensure that the backtest resuls are genuine.

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Would you like to commission us for your project? Perfect! Please contact us, we’ll speak about details. 

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Why automated trading systems?

Automated trading systems have a lot of advantages. We could write books about them. We have listed the most important ones below.


Greed, fear and insecurity – they are a traders’ biggest enemies! An automated trading system doesn’t have to cope with those problems.

Direct implementation

In risk and money management, there’s no such thing as gut instinct. There’s only the chosen settings, and they will be performed.

Extremely fast

Well programmed trading systems decide within milliseconds if an action is to be carried out or not. All depends on the preset strategy.

Low expenditure of time

More time for the enjoyable things in life! Fully automated trading systems will cost you far less time than manual trading on the markets.

24/7 trading

You might be working or sleeping. But your trading system never sleeps – it works for you 24/7.


In manual trading, it is hard to apply strategies on events in the past: Was my strategy already profitable in 2001? Are there any other assets on which the strategy could be applied? With trading systems, you can apply your strategy on the past at any time. And you can easily expand it, applying it on more assets.

You are on the right track! Your personal automated trading system is within reach!


from 139,00 € once-only

  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Installation support
  • Finished indicator

Fully automated trading system

from 299,00 € once-only

  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Installation Support
  • Finished trading system